GreenWorks Tools Machinery

GreenWorks ToolsA global organization with it’s operating headquarters in Charlotte, NC USA. It’s extensive manufacturing facilites are based in Changzhou, China. GreenWorks Tools currently have over 4,000 employees and more than 300 R&D engineers Worldwide.

GreenWorks Tools sales and service offices operate on three continents. (Charlotte/USA, Toronto/Canada, Changzhou/China and Cologne/Germany). GreenWorks Tools production is a vertically integrated and manufacturers it’s own components. GreenWorks Tools facilities produces their our own motors, plastics, metal & paint and electronics. This enables us to produce high quality products and remain highly flexible.

GreenWorks Tools have six major business divisions, consisting of two for finished products and four for components (motor, plastic, metal & electronics). GreenWorks Tools factories output capacity is 650,000 completed units per month. GreenWorks Tools currently hold more than 1,000 proprietary patents.

GreenWorks Tools™ certifies all products in accordance with the rules in all local markets

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