Eliet Machinery

ElietThe name ELIET takes us back to the original establisher and inspirer of the company. As a contraction of the founder's first name and family name of ELIET, EMIEL LIETAER has been putting his stamp on the company since the very beginning.

Emiel was born in 1947 into a family of 8 successive generations of blacksmiths. He grew up amongst farm machinery and he built up broad technical experience during practical trainings in a number of French and German machinery factories. Faithful to his roots, Emiel set up a metal construction workshop for the construction of stables. Due to the revival of the garden culture in the 1970s, an expansion to the sale of garden machinery was quickly made.

Fairly quickly Emiel Lietaer came to realise that there were no tailor-made solutions at hand for many gardening problems.
Thanks to his creative mind and technical skills, the first ELIET machines were produced around 1980. The foundation for the machinery factory was in place.

The great breakthrough came in 1986 with the participation in the International Agricultural Week at the Heysel in Brussels. The continuously growing demand for Eliet machines quickly obliged ELIET to make investments and to expand buildings and the headcount. A trend that is still going on now.